Pregnancy is a time when the body gets changes and some of them could make woman being even afraid. One of them is a pregnant belly button. To make everything about it clear, it is important to remember how human got it. It appears as the effect of birth when the doctor cuts the umbilical cord, which leads from mother’s placenta to the child’s body. This process is important for nutrition and when the child leaves mother’s womb, it is already is not necessary. And now it comes time to see all features which could with belly button during pregnancy.

Belly button: Introduction

It is important to say, that most of the people have not the same belly buttons. Their shapes, sizes and even method of creation are not the same. It means that if once you found thought in your head like “I have a belly button, which looks pretty strange”, first you should get information about what is normal. In normal condition, belly button should have a small hollow, with the skin layer on the bottom. But in some cases, it could be higher than the surface of your belly. Science still can’t give the answer, why did it happen. The most important thing you should know, the belly button is the first scar on our body. It appears when after umbilical cord was cut off, but there is another one interesting thing – doctor could cut off not all length of it. He should leave a piece and after a short period of time it would be dry up and fall off. As the result, human will get his button.

Bulging belly button

During pregnancy, belly button could change its own form. It could be explained by tissue tension and capacity increases. When there is not enough space, inside tissues are trying to get a comfortable place and as the result, we can get changes in this zone. 

Interesting facts about it

Did you ever heard that medical term for belly button is Umbilicus. It is from the Latin word. Sometimes it is possible to find black stuff in belly button. You shouldn’t scare of it. It is probably just dirt, which was pressed under the circumstances of not available penetration. It is always easy to remove with the help of oil and stick with wadding.

Questions about removal

Today it is possible to find in some salons belly button removal service. Yes, it means that medical. In fact, the place of removal always looks like a tiny line. There is no harm for your health; - this service is just for extraordinary people who want to be not like everyone.  Sometimes after pregnancy belly button could save its changed form. Some people think that bulging form is not attractive and that’s why to use this opportunity to deal with it and solve the problem.

So, as you can see, the belly button is a kind of reminder that every single man came to this world with the help of the mother. Sometimes it is a beautiful reminder and from time to time it can bring some difficulties. Anyway, it is part of our body, and we have everything to provide good care to it. In medical practice, all conditions, except pain, means that everything is alright.