The real facts about Organic Skin Care Products, without any promotion. The United States today has an estimated amount of ten million organic consumers and this number is growing steadily. Things don't just spread for no reason. All of these people are aware that since high doses of pesticides have been shown to cause severe health defects in lab animals, they maybe undergo a health risk too. People choose organically produced foods because they believe these foods are safer. So if you treat your skin with chemically produced substances that have also been proven to affect lab animals in negative ways (even though testing cosmetics on animal labs seems to have reduced), the same negative effects will happen to your skin.

Of course they might take a while to show up and you mightOrganic Skin Care Products be happy with the short term results but long term you are doing yourself a very bad "favor". Just look at this passage by the FDA:

"The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting the public to a number of reported adverse events associated with individuals who have undergone certain micropigmentation procedures, a form of tattooing, used to apply "permanent makeup" for lip liner, eyeliner, or eyebrow color. The adverse events are associated with certain ink shades of the Premier Pigment brand of permanent makeup inks..." - FDA

Alright, so this is happening with make up. But ask yourself, is that it? We all know that in today's business cheap materials are being used left and right in order to maximize profits. This strategy is employed by every single company in the market. The cheaper they can produce a product the more money they can spend on marketing it and having you buy it. They do not care about the adverse side effects that you will be getting from their cheap ingredients. Look at this other passage by John E. Bailey, director of FDA's division of color and cosmetics: "Most cosmetics contain ingredients that are promoted with exaggerated claims of beauty or long-lasting effects to create an image". Create an image! Are you taking care of your skin to create a image or to be healthy? I believe in today's world many people would not mind picking the first for an answer. Of course these people are neglecting the fact that this image will soon dissapear and besides they have to put up with it everytime before they put their make up on. On the other side if you are trying to take care of yourself and keep your skin healthy and as a side effect your image beautiful then the choice should be carefully produced products. Organic Skin Care Products are the answer. Natural or Organic skin care is the care of the skin using ingredients such as herbs, roots, and flowers. They are combined with natural oils and waters. These ingredients do not include chemicals that may be harmful to your body or be the reason of ceirtain unwanted side effects. Chemical ingredients found in personal care products are linked to cancer or cause reproductive harm, including birth defects, according to the state's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment under California's Environmental Protection Agency.

Do you want any of these side effects? Are you are still not convinced?